Friday, February 29, 2008

A's 11, Brewers 4

The crew found themself on the wrong end of a trounsing today, falling to the A's 11-4.

The box score tells the story, but to sum it up - as is the case with most 11-4 losses - pitching proved the Brewers' downfall. Big games by the Oakland duo of Jack Cust (5 RBI) and Bobby Crosby proved too much.

Dave Bush scuffled early, surrendering four runs in his two innings of work. Parra then gave up a run of his own, Turnbow added another two and, in his first appearance in a Milwaukee uniform, Eric Gagne gave up three earned runs in a mere inning on the mound.

Though the pitching left much to be desired, there exist a few offensive positves that warrant mention. Gabe Gross blasted a solo shot, Corey Hart went 2 for 3 including a triple and a team high 2 RBI. Prince Fielder continued his strong start with a 2 for 3 day at the plate.

The team registered a dozen hits, but 10 strikeouts translated to 10 left on base.

Tomorrow brings about the defending NL Champ Rockies and again the DH. A question I'm sure a lot of fans have been pondering as of late may be answered Sunday, as the Brewers take on the Angels with pichers to hit. Will Kendall still bat in the nine hole? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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