Friday, January 25, 2008

Small Market Team Locks Up Big Names

The Twins, whose plans Doug Melvin said he follows, have locked up two players with multi-year deals.

Former MVP Justin Morneau is reportedly getting 6 years, 80 Mil and fan favorite Mike Cuddyer (which is hilarious to hear Twins fans pronounce) for 3 years 24 million. This is a lot of money for a supposed "small market team". It is also in the news that Santana's agent might be realizing that the Twins offer might be the best one he's going to get.

This is all good to hear, because in a couple years we will want to lock up our perennial all star and fan favorite. If the Twins, from the state that voted for Jesse "The Body" Ventura, can lock up their big names, so can the Brewers!


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