Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the News

Here are a few Brewer-related news items that caught my attention today:

- The Brewers have had success using the draft-and-follow process - Eight of the Brewers top 30 prospects were draft-and-follow players, highlighted by promising left-handed starter Manny Parra. That's the most in MLB. Due to new draft rules, however, that process has been eliminated, which is unfortunate considering the success Milwaukee had using it.

- Dan Kolb signs minor-league deal with Red Sox - Good luck to him. The former Brewers closer has not been able to put it together since he was traded from Milwaukee to the Braves, but he'll get a shot to earn a job in Boston.

- Maxim St. Pierre Sighting - The catcher the Brewers got for Ben Hendrickson before last season, who was promptly cut weeks later, is back in the Royals system. He still has a sweet name.


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