Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brewers Offense Improved Slightly

Baseball Musings has their 2008 Brewers offensive predictions up. They predict the team will score 4.97 runs per game, up slightly from the 4.94 runs per game the team scored last season with their best production at 5.22 runs per game and their worst at 4.52 runs per game. They used their Lineup Analysis and Marcels Predictions to come up with the numbers.

For reference, the league average for runs per game in the NL last year was 4.71. The Brewers averaged the most runs per game in the NL Central and the Reds were the only other above average offense in the division with a 4.83 runs per game average. The Cubs averaged 4.64, the Cardinals averaged 4.48, the Pirates averaged 4.47 and the Astros averaged 4.46. Watch for the rest of the NL Central predictions in the coming weeks at Baseball Musings.

A hat tip to Brewer blog In-Between Hops for pointing me to the Baseball Musings' predictions this morning.


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