Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 28

- He's got the right stuff (Journal-Sentinel)
Prince Fielder, only 22 year old, is working his way into being the leader of the Brewers. I don't think 40 homers and 100 RBI's from Prince this coming season would be a surprise to many.

- Suppan brings three 'ables' to the Crew (
"He's durable, accountable, reliable," Brewers pitching coach Mike Maddux said. He may not be an ace, but it is nice to have a reliable veteran like Suppan in the starting lineup.

- Notes: Miller strains calf in tune-up (
Damian Miller injures his calf while playing first base during Tuesday's intersquad game. Mench plays after undergoing MRI on his elbow.

- Notes: Miller falls victim to strained calf muscle (Journal-Sentinel)
Very similar story. Extra notes are a little different.

- Spring Training: Tuesday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

- Brewers games on web (Journal-Sentinel)
18 Exhibition games to be broadcast on

- The Drill: It's a triple play for collectors (Journal-Sentinel)
Not Brewers, but a short, interesting story on a mis-printed Topps baseball card.

- Brewers Offense on Display in Intrasquad Game (News Line 9)

- Mike Woods column: Big-league dreasm still drive former Appleton West star Erickson (Appleton Post Crescent)
Preparing for his 11th season of professional baseball, Matt Erickson, formed Brewers minor leaguer, heads to Diamondbacks spring training.

- Rottino starts out fast (Journal Times)
Story on Brewers prospect, and Racine native, Vinny Rottino.

- Tigers rout college team in shutout (CBS SportsLine)
Story on former Brewers minor leaguer Edward Campusan, now in Tigers spring training.

- Estimates for Cactus League '07: 1 million fans (The Arizona Republic)
I wish I were one of them.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 27

- Ground Work (Journal-Sentinel)
Young infielder makes large strides in defensive play.

- Notes: Hardy happy to be back (
Some details on this spring's first intersquad game as well as Hardy's comeback. Hardy, Hart, and Rottino go deep. Defense looked good. Mench and Graffanino held out.

- Mailbag: Should veterans split time? (
Brewers reporter Adam McCalvy answers fans' questions

- Reliever fires away (Journal-Sentinel)
New Brewers reliever, Grant Balfour, doesn't hold back in first intersquad game.

- Spring training report: Monday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

- Brewers flex homer muscles in intrasquad game (Green Bay Press Gazette)
Another story on the first Brewers intersquad game.

- Isom to replace Brewers' manager (Helena Independant Record)
Helena Brewers get new manager.

- Baggot: Jenkins, Mench far off base (Wisconsin State Journal)
Short blurb on Jenkins/Mench situation. We'll never hear the end of this. Can't disagree with what's said though.

- Bonds Not Scheduled for Cactus Opener (Bay News)
Looks like Bonds will make first appearance against the Crew. No comment!

- Team Report: Inside Pitch (Fox Sports)

- Anderson chats with fans about new job (
New TV play-by-play man answers questions.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 26

Hart in right place (Journal-Sentinel)
Outfielder earns starting spot on Milwaukee.

Setting a slow pace (Journal-Sentinel)
Team taking it slow with closer Cordero. Weeks to hit leadoff, Counsell/Graffanino likely to hit second, Graffanino and Damian Miller to back Prince up at first.

Notes: Precautions for Cordero (
Team using caution in preparing Cordero for season due to past spring training discomforts. Also updates on Weeks, Clark and more.

Brewers' Perkins sees end of tunnel (
Story about Vince Perkins, who the Brewers claimed off waivers from Toronto last year. He's coming back from Tommy John surgery.

Team report: Inside pitch (Fox Sports)
Some blurbs on Jenkins, Hardy, Mench and managerial changes.

Brewers spring training photos (Yahoo)

Technology ruins my plans (Ada Evening News)
Short story on Brewers minor league player Chuckie Caulfield.

Beach Bums manager moves on to affiliated ball (Our Sports Central)
Story on Jeff Isom, new Helena Brewers manager.

National League Central preview (All Headline News)
"Ned Yost continues to get the most out of his teams, despite management's seemingly unwillingness to spend to make upgrades." Hmm... I thought the payroll has gone up exponentially over the last few years? Not a great preview.

Familiar story will dominate season (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)
Brewers mentioned as candidate to be this year's Detroit Tigers.

Even-keeled approach aids D-back's Eveland (
Story on former Brewer Dana Eveland. Another former Brewer, Doug Davis, quoted often in story.

Outfield key to Brewers optimism (UW-Milwaukee Post)
Some predictions and a look at Brewer outfielders.

Fernandez knuckler the buzz at Carp camp in Miyazaki (The Japan Times)
Former Brewer knuckle-baller Jared Fernandez now pitching in Japan.

Notes: His job to lose for Rangers' Cruz (
Update on former Brewer minor-league outfielder Nelson Cruz.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 25

- Brewers' expectations up with payroll (
Mark Attanasio, principal owner of the Brewers, talks about expectations for the coming season. Look at that beautiful 'stache in the background!

- Notes: Technology preventing injury (
"Body map" system helps detect possible injuries. Small update on Rickie Weeks as well.

- Home makeover: Yost hoping Estrada will be a fixture (Journal-Sentinel)
Brewers coach, Ned Yost, and newly acquired Brewers catcher, Johnny Estrada, get on the same page early.

- Spring training: Saturday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

- Brewers tickets a hot item (Journal-Sentinel)
The Brewers sold 85,000 tickets on first day of individual ticket sales. Good work Brewers fans!

- Notes: Attanasio raises the bar high (Journal-Sentinel)
Another story on Mark Attanasio's expectations for this season.

- Jenkins no longer the life of Brewers' party (

Helms Career on Upswing After Stop in Florida (ComcastSportsNet)
Beloved ex-Brewer, Wes Helms, is on an up-swing.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 24

- Pitching duo helps give Brewers depth (
Zach Jackson and Carlos Villanueva will most likely both start the year off at Triple-A Nashville but will quickly head to Milwaukee if injuries were to occur to a Brewers' starters.

- Notes: Graffanino turns the page (
Tony Graffanio talks about his offseason and says he has moved on and is ready play.

- Center of attention: Hall getting crash course in outfield (Journal-Sentinel)
Talks about Hall's growth in center and player reactions to his move to center.

- Spring training report: Friday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

- Graffanino may be third option (Journal-Sentinel)
Similar story on Tony Graffanino

- Tough talk is nice, but Jenkins, Mench will need to play ball (Journal Times)

- Spring Training: Kolb seeks more than spot (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Story about former Brewer Kolb's chance with Pirates this spring.

- Bo Black Awakes From Coma (
Former Brewers' coach Tom Trebelhorn's wife wakes up from coma after suffering stroke on February 18.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 23

— Nightmare living: Koskie struggles to return from head injury (Journal-Sentinel)
Update on Koskie.

— Mench talks tough (Journal-Sentinel)
Mench says he'll "pitch a fit" if he's platooned. Is there a guy on the team that is less-deserving of a starting spot based on his play from last year?

— Spring training: Thursday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

— Stadium's tax sunset is in limbo (Journal-Sentinel)
More bizarre stadium issues, this time with the taxes.

Koskie looking to make comeback (
Similar update.

Notes: Possible platoon not ideal (
Really? Sounds ideal to me...

— Brewers spring training photos (Yahoo)

— Mike Woods: Buckeye's resume has one huge hole (Appleton Post-Crescent)
Some blurbs on the Brewers.

Brewing in Arizona (Fayette Daily News)
Story on Brewer prospect Brent Brewer

Fans line up early for Brewer ticket sale (Journal-Sentinel)
Some diehards.

— Brewers launch 'Arctic Tailgate' (Small Business Times)

County Exec McReynolds calls for audit of Miller Park tax payments (Racine Journal Times)

— FSN North to televise 140 Brewer games (Green Bay Press-Gazette)

— Adam Thompson: Jenkins in no position to complain (Sheboygan Press)

— Dodgertown to ghosttown? (USA Today)
Mentioned as possible team to move spring training facilities... Haven't heard that one before...

— MLB predictions - NL (
Brewers picked 4th in NL Central.

— Gulin sold to Brewers (Our Sports Central)
Brewers obtain lefty Lindsay Gulin.

— Bo Black still in intensive care (Small Business Times)
Wife of former Brewer Manager Tom Trebelhorn and former Summerfest director.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 22

Looking for big year, Fielder arrives early (
Some good stuff from Prince. Looking for a big year from him.

Notes: Vargas gets nod in Cactus kickoff (
Yost won't name opening day starter, who will face off against Dodgers' Derek Lowe, yet, however. Why isn't Jason Schmidt L.A.'s opening day starter?

— Righting a short story (Journal-Sentinel)
Good feature-ish story on J.J. Hardy and his long rehab.

— Yost not ready to say (Journal-Sentinel)
Another story on opening day starter question.

— Spring training report: Wednesday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

Tim Kurkjian: 10 key position battles (
Brewers third base listed among them.

— Outfield flops: Mench won't repeat 2006 (
Fantasy baseball blurbs on several outfielders including Mench.

This week in the NL — Spring arrivals (
A little about Fielder and the Brewers closer situation.

Finally, the gyroball mystery solved (Yahoo)
Not Brewer-related, but still an interesting story on the infamous gyroball.

Helms looking forward to season with Phillies (
Says last year was a bounce-back year for him, trying to prove critics wrong, partially blames failures with Brewers on team trying to change him.

— Ohka generates different buzz (Globe and Mail)
Story about former Brewer Ohka's arrival to Blue Jays spring training.

— DeWitt maintains positive outlook (
Cardinals chairman says Brewers overpaid for Jeff Suppan in more words.

— Brewers single game tickets on sale Saturday (The Milwaukee Channel)
Another story on single game ticket sales.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 21

Jenkins wants to be the man in left field (
He calls himself "the utmost team player" and then demands that he gets traded if he doesn't have a full-time starting spot, which he lost because his poor play was hurting the team. Hmm?

Notes: Weeks has cortisone shot (
Relatively positive news inolving Weeks' sore wrist, a Koskie update, news about pitchers bunting and an update on the 2007 promotional schedule, which is HERE.

— Different point of view: Jenkins wants to go if he doesn't play (Journal-Sentinel)
He says he doesn't like to sit. That's how he's "made." Right... And the other guys love sitting on the bench watching as Jenkins swings at balls that hit the dirt two feet before home plate. It's hard to give this guy the benefit of the doubt when he comes out with this stuff...

— Notes: Weeks' wrist OK (Journal-Sentinel)
Almost a carbon copy of the notes article from today.

— Spring training: Tuesday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

— Brewers announce '07 game promotions (Journal-Sentinel)

— MLB's synthetic caps designed to wick away sweat (
MLB players will be wearing new hats this year.

— Tom Verducci: NL players to watch (
Weeks is his Brewer to watch in 2007.

— Brewers spring training photos (Yahoo)

— Scouting Report: Brewers (SLAM! Sports)
Briefly hits on a few points on the Brewers, including comparing Hall's switch to centerfield as a "mini-version" of George Bell's move from left field after winning the 1987 AL Most Valuable Player award.

— Black undergoes surgery after stroke (Journal-Sentinel)
Former Brewer Manager Tom Trebelhorn's wife, Elizabeth "Bo" Black, the former Summerfest executive director, suffers stroke at family's Scottsdale, Arizona home.

— Interactive chat: Tom Haudricourt (Journal-Sentinel)
Fan Q&A; with Brewer beat reporter.

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel (The Signal)
In part of the article, former Brewer Dana Eveland talks about how hard last year was on him and his new lease on MLB life with the Diamondbacks.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brewers announce 2007 promotions schedule

Short blurb on news watch from Don Walker at JSOnline HERE.

Milwaukee Brewers news release with list of promotions HERE.


Brewers News - Feb. 20

— Notes: Braun's defense an area of focus (Journal-Sentinel)
3B prospect has shot at major league roster due to Koskie's injury.

— Close minded: Turnbow determined to regain all-star form (Journal-Sentinel)
Details intensive off-season program and what went wrong in 2006.

— Spring training: Monday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

Sheets provides boost for Brewers (
Says he's in best pitching shape he has been in in a long time.

Notes: Sarfate ahead of schedule (
Notes about Sarfate, Gross, Estrada and yesterday's practices.

Brewers mailbag: Outfield gets defensive (
Questions from Brewer fans.

2 land in big leagues (
Story about Sarfate's number being retired at his college. Note error in descriptions of Sarfate and Dodger prospect Andre Ethier.

— Former Pioneer hurler hopes to win roster spot in Nashville (The Marietta Times)
Story about pitcher Dave Bradley.

— Devil Dish (Arizona State University student newspaper)
Writer says Maryvale is his favorite spring training baseball park that he's been to and picks the Athletics over the Cubs in the World Series.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Two T-Shirt Designs Available

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Brewers News - Feb. 19

— $42 million guy next door (Journal-Sentinel)
Great inside look into Jeff Suppan's life.

Notes: Weeks to see doctor this week (
Not good news, no matter what they say... Short updates on Koskie, spring training and Gallardo also in article.

— Sheets takes aim at his detractors (Journal-Sentinel)
Sounds like Sheets is going to be pitching with a chip on his shoulder. I like it.

— Spring Training: Sunday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

— Koskie yet to heal from concussion (Journal-Sentinel)
Brewers will "agressively plan" for other options at 3rd. Also an update on Weeks' recovery from surgery.

— Brewers enter 2007 with smothering expectations (
Andrew Wagner says it's time for the Brewers to win, now.

— NL Central Offseason Recap (Wager Web)
Writer says if anyone is going to unseat the Cardinals as division champs, it very well could be the Brewers.

— D-Backs hope for better pitcher-catcher rapport (East Valley Tribune)
Some sour grapes stuff from the Diamondbacks about Johnny Estrada.

— Brewers spring training photos (Yahoo)
They're updated daily on this page. Cool stuff.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 18

Estrada getting up to speed (
New catcher working on learning tendencies of his pitching staff.

Turnbow seeks to regain form in 2007 (
He says he's going to go out there and try to win the closer's job back every time he pitches.

— Expectations put pressure on Yost (Journal-Sentinel)
Brewers manager not afraid of high expectations.

— Spring Training: NL and AL (Journal-Sentinel)
Short blurbs on each MLB team.

— Signing off to baseball (The Reporter, Vacaville, CA)
Former Nashville Sound Jermaine Clark, 30, giving up on baseball dreams, retires.

— Final Four fantasy (TMJ4 - Milwaukee)
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett pitching idea to hold NCAA basketball Final Four in Miller Park.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 17

— Making practice perfect (Journal-Sentinel)
Yost putting emphasis on fundamentals.

— Brewers spring training: Five things to watch (Journal-Sentinel)
Sheets, third base, closer, outfield, Hardy.

— The Basics: Milwaukee Brewers spring training (Journal-Sentinel)
General info about the Brewers' Cactus League play.

Oates: Spring is vital for Brewers (Wisconsin State Journal)
Little things key to this year's club.

Todd Finkelmeyer column (Capital Times)
Final note in column says many feel Hall signing is best move Brewers made in 20 years

Jason McMahon: 'Old school' Anderson preps for Crew debut (Capital Times)
Story about new Brewer announcer Brian Anderson.

— It's official, baseball is back! (Racine Journal Times)
Greg Giesen column.

— So long to the suite life (Wall Street Journal)
Story about suites being removed from MLB stadiums, such as in Miller Park.

Team Report: Inside Pitch (Fox Sports)
A look at Milwaukee's bullpen.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 16

— Long Waiting Game (Winnipeg Sun)
In-depth story about Corey Koskie from Canada... Makes you wonder why the local guys haven't had anything this deep into what he's dealing with. Sure doesn't sound like he's going to be ready to play anytime soon either...

— Spring Training lists to ponder (USA Today)
It says the Brewers need a "true #1 starter" to contend and Sheets could be it, if he can stay healthy.

— HR for Brewers' viewers (Journal-Sentinel)
Story about over-the-air broadcasts of 15 Brewer games in the Milwaukee market for upcoming season.

— Rivera, Rottino, pitchers sign one-year contracts (Journal-Sentinel)
Four players sign one-year deals on eve of day pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

— Cubs' Woods takes a spill but shouldn't miss much time (ESPN)
He managed to get hurt BEFORE spring training this year... Hilarious...

— Spring Training storylines (
Cubs will be better but maybe not as good as the Brewers, according to column.

— 2007 Milwaukee Brewers preview (
Pretty standard national preview stuff.

— Burning Questions: NL Central (Fox Sports)
Are Brewers ready to take the next step?

— Ballpark effects: Where's the power at? (Fox Sports)
Analyzing parks and deciding if they're hitter/pitcher friendly or neutral. Miller is a hitter's park, according to the article.

Survey: Who will be this year's champ? (
Yankees get most votes of MLB managers and GMs with Red Sox getting second most votes. Brewers get one vote, the same number Jose Reyes got. What?

— Brewers players should pay for Braves' celebration (Small Business Times)
Author of letter to the editor suggests Brewer players use portion of meal money to pay for Milwaukee Braves reunion.

— Brewers online-only ticket sale starts today (Green Bay Press-Gazette)
Story about 4-game plans.

— Miller awaits Bud's response (Insider Racing News)
No word yet from Budweiser on stadium-naming NASCAR bet Miller proposed. They have until noon Sunday to accept the wager.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 15

— Hall to man center field (Journal-Sentinel)
Yost finally announces he's planning on playing Hall in center. He also says Hart will likely play in right with Jenkins and Mench platooning in left.

Brewers bench should get lift from veterans (
Adam McCalvy takes a look at the Brewers depth.

— MLB Power Ranking (Fox Sports)
Brewers come in at a disappointing 18 behind the Cardinals and Cubs, but mentioned as a "dark horse" contender in the NL Central.

— These two Mustangs are a real hit (Bradenton Herald)
Brewers said to be scouting high school pitcher in this Florida community.

— Home Cookin': Cordova inducts Fab Four into it's baseball hall (Sacramento Bee)
Geoff Jenkins and former Brewer Chris Bosio inducted into their high school's hall of fame.

— CGCC recognizes two players in major leagues (Arizona Republic)
Dennis Sarfate one of two Chandler-Gilbert Community College players to make it to major leagues.

— Issues linger as training camp opens (Fox Sports)
Jenkins mentioned in hypothetical trades to Philadelphia and San Diego.

Spring's 10 burning questions (Yahoo!)
In question about Cardinals, writer says Brewers haven't proven they can win.

— Brewers announce ticket special (Sheboygan Press)
Details about four-game ticket package the Brewers will be offering.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brewers News - Feb. 14

This week in the National League: '07 Preview (
It says Sheets is the Brewer's Kerry Wood, Suppan is good but not great, Capuano has to be consistent and the offense could be bad. Not a great outlook from

— Tom Verducci: NL Players to watch in 2007 (
Rickie Weeks named for the Brewers player to watch.

— Presinal's past makes MLB wary about his present (ESPN)
Brewers pitcher Carlos Villanueva mentioned as one of the baseball players who trains with the controversial Dominican trainer in this article.

— Rangers GM Jon Daniels is hit or miss in first five major trades (Dallas Star Telegram)
Last year's Carlos Lee trade with Brewers somehow rated as an "excellent deal for the Rangers" even though Lee left in free agency...

— NASCAR: Battle of the beer cars brewing (
More info on the proposed bet between Miller and Bud over NASCAR and stadium names.

— Celebrities make their Daytona 500 predictions (Racing Milestones)
Brewers manager Ned Yost picks Kevin Harvick.

— Ads will spring up with ivy at Wrigley Field this year (ESPN)
Not in the tradition-filled Wrigley! The dump just got worse...

— Hendry stays calm after Zambrano's ultimatum (ESPN)
I love to hate Zambrano and the Cubs, but I truly hope he gets away. Their starting 5 would be BRUTAL.


Brewers News - Feb. 13

News articles about the Brewers from Feb. 13:

Small-market clubs make right moves (
Columnist Mike Bauman applauds the Brewers and Twins for signing their young talent (Bill Hall and Joe Mauer respectively).

— Spring Training Preview - 8 stories to follow (Baltimore Sun)
Brewers mentioned as a candidate to be this year's Detroit Tigers.

Top 10 prospects - NL Central (Rotoworld)
Matthew Pouliot ranks top 10 prospects for each NL Central team.

Team Report: Inside Pitch (Fox Sports)
Two areas of concern are the outfield and third base.

Team Report: Notes and Quotes (Fox Sports)

Team Report: Roster Report (Fox Sports)

— Winners and losers for baseball's offseason (Fox Sports)
Ken Rosenthal gives Brewers honorable mention win, lists Cardinals amongst worst, Astros as a dishonorable mention and Cubs in a league of their own (below worst).

Division Tour: NL Central
Tim Brown previews NL Central.

— Bud sidesteps Miller's NASCAR challenge (Small Business Times)
Budweiser backs away from NASCAR bet Miller proposed that would have meant the loser had to change the name of their respective baseball field for a series (Busch Stadium becomes Miller Park or vice versa).

— Nothing says love like meat (Los Angeles Times)
Story about auction to "serenade your sweetie with sausages" for Valentine's Day. The racing sausages will deliver a Valentine to the winner's loved one.

— Four-game plans online (Journal-Sentinel)
Brewers announce plans to offer four-game packages for a limited time.

— Leyland, Counsell highlight opening night dinner (
Brewers utility infielder Craig Counsell spoke at a kickoff event for the Notre Dame baseball season. He played his college career for the Fighting Irish.

— Simple lessons from two simple stalwarts (South Bend Tribune)
More on Counsell and Leyland's speeches at Notre Dame.

— Fantasy Fix - Gems and some diamonds in the rough (Cal State Fullerton - Daily Titan)
Some brief praise for Milwaukee's rotation and a prediction for a good season for Prince Fielder.

— New skipper to lead the Knights in '07 (WCNC News)
Former Brewer Juan Nieves will be serving as the pitching coach for Chicago White Sox minor-league affiliate the Charlotte Knights.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Two Shirts Posted

Previews are up of the first two shirts that will be available. Check them out on the gear page!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Site Is Up!

Thanks for visiting Take a look around our new
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