Friday, December 21, 2007

Weekly Bunts

Here are some stories that crept through this week:

- Matt Wise signed by the New York Mets. CBS reported it with the headline "Wise Move". That is way over done, even by us. So the Mets have our old catcher and our old set up man. Interesting, since Stephen A. Smith believes that the GM for the Mets is a god. If he's such a god, why is he taking Brewer toss aways? I will say that the Mets did get Wise for a fairly low 1.2 million. Only time will tell who got the better reliever; The Brewers with Mota, or the Mets with Wise. (What a fugly picture, by the way)

- Fernando Vina and Gary Bennett admit HGH use. We all knew Gary Bennett had to be on SOMETHING when he hit a home run in the World Series, but Fernando was a surprise. It was also refreshing to see someone who is sitting comfortably with ESPN admit they were wrong. The only question I have is in reference to this quote: "I never bought steroids from him. All I used was HGH." You big deal. I mean steroids is bad, but HGH isn't as bad, right? I'm no 'roider. I'm a hormoner...The best part about post-Mitchell Report baseball is all the lame quotes from the offenders. "I only used it twice (even though I said I never used it ever)", "I only used it once", etc...

- Geoff Jenkins a Philly. 2 years, 13 million a year with a chance to make it 20 million. Good for Geoff. Again, I not boo him (unless he does something clutch). He loved Milwaukee and was with the team through the worst years in the franchise. I would welcome him back as an outfield coach with arms wide open.

- Brewers sign Gabe Kapler.
As Jim Rome said when he was with the BoSox, Kapler is a "good guy". He's a hard worker and will always give it his all. That said, I don't think he'll see much time in the Majors unless there are injury issues. He's a year removed from retirement and is basically a great morale guy for the young ones.

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