Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekly Bunts

We'll see how long I can hold this up, but I'm going to try and find little stories and angles that haven't been discussed much throughout the week that deserve at least a little mention.

- Probably the worst thing to happen from the Mitchell Report is that not one single current Cub was named.

- Speaking of our neighbors to the south, something interesting was lost due to the immensity of the Mitchell Report: Mark Prior was non-tendered. The pitcher, who was once considered a Cy Young candidate by Cub fans, was not offered arbitration and the Astro's are reportedly interested in acquiring him. Well...with a pitching staff THAT terrible, I'd see if I could sign every pitcher on the market. (50 Million for Josh Towers? If anyone would do it, it would be the Astro's) Personally, I'd like to see Prior go peacefully away from the NL Central and not go the way Clement did: try to make it in the American League and get shellacked.

- Our old friend Geoff Jenkins is allegedly getting a lot of teams interested in him. Basically, all the teams that didn't get Fukudome, Hunter, or Rowand are now interested in Jenks. Phillies and Padres appear to be the most desperate. Let me just say this, Geoff does NOT deserve to get boo'ed when he comes back to Miller. He took out a big ad in the paper thanking the fans and saying he'd love to come back (perhaps as a coach).

- Since we've heard a lot of "what fairly unknown player would I like to see here", I'll put in my choice. If the choice would be between Hank Blalock, Scott Rolen, and Andre Ethier, I'd take Ethier. A lot of people are interested in moving Braun. I'm going to stay put my fear. Call it the Bill Hall factor. Moving infielders to the outfield is not as seamless as Soriano made it appear. Ethier would make a great outfielder (and probably a great number one or two in the order). However, it would take way too much to get Ethier; more than what he's worth. It still is a possibility with the Dodgers having a very full outfield and if the Dodgers trust Matt Kemp. I'd do Capuano and a prospect for Andre. That would be an amazing trade, but probably won't happen. I wonder if Markakis is available...

- Finally, farewell to gopher ball giving pitcher Greg Aquino. He's a young player with promise, but no confidence. The Brewers tried to sneak him through waivers and the Orioles snatched him up. For his sake, I hope he can get over his jitters, because otherwise he'll be throwing meatballs to the Yankees, BoSox, and Blue Jays sluggers instead of the Reds and the Astros.

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