Friday, December 28, 2007

Weekly Bunts

Due to the Holidays, there really wasn't much new news.

1) Counsell to appear in ballet. In the realm of human interest stories no one cares about, this one tops the week. Apparently, Craig Counsell is taking part in the "Nutty Nutcracker" tomorrow. I'd really be happier with the story "Counsell works to improve depressing batting average".

2) Brewers are considering Kenny Lofton. Even though it'd be poetic that the 1992 ROY runner-up to Pat Listach would join the team, I'm a little conflicted about the possibility. True, the Brewers could use an actual lead off man. Also true is that he has playoff experience. But the older he gets, the more unstable he's going to be. I will say this: I'd rather have Kenny than Juan Pierre

3) In NL Central News: The Astros sign Darin Erstad and the Cubs still hope to get Brian Roberts. Do the Astros still not get it? I thought after getting Valverde, they might have wised up. Thankfully they haven't. You can sign all the former big bats you want, but if your rotation goes from Roy Oswalt to, um, Wandy Rodriguez, you won't win much (well, once every five games). As for the Cubs, they are the evil empire - Midwest. I'm surprised they aren't in the Santana Sweepstakes...sheesh.

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