Monday, December 10, 2007

Weak Spot Looking Less Weak

I'll admit, after Coco signed with the Reds, I was really down on the Brewers for a couple days. Losing arguably the lone bright spot of the Brewers weakest facet, the bullpen, didn't bring me excitement for the upcoming 2008 season. Then hearing that Turnbow would likely be our closer, once again, left me feeling more ill. Like most fans, I remember all of the huge blowups Turnbow had last year and none of the bright spots (there are more than you think). I neglected to look at the numbers though. The numbers that showed Turnbow actually had a higher percentage of scoreless innings that Coco. I started feeling a little better. Then the Crew signed Riske and obtained Salomon Torres in a trade with the pirates. Feeling better yet. And now the Brewers officially signed Eric Gagne to a one year, $10 million contract.

I'm guessing fans are split on this. Half probably love this because he's a huge name. The other half only remember how horrible he was with the Red Sox after the Rangers sent him there last season in a trade. Simply put...I feel really good about this. Yeah, it is a lot of money, but the Brewers had it to spend after losing out on Coco. And yeah, Gagne did suck with the Sox. Remember though, he is only a few years removed from 55 save, Cy Young season and has the highest save percentage of all time. Also remember that the Brewers have, arguably, the best pitching coach in the league in Mike Maddux and the best bullpen coach in Billy Castro. There is no reason to not believe Gagne will be solid, if not awesome, this coming season. (note: he also pitched very well last season with the Rangers before getting traded). Personally, I am far more worried about him getting injured than not performing. Let's hope for some luck.

Now that the bullpen is more or less nailed down. Let's trade a Vargas or two and get ourselves a solid left fielder. Jared has me sold on his idea! (see last post)

Oh yeah....more good news. Mench is officially gone. (Sorry Kevin, you just didn't perform) He was designated for assignment today to make room for Torres. Let's hope Mr. Torres decides to play next season and stick it to the pirates!

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