Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Three Days Gone

The title of my post sounds like a great name for a horrible radio-rock band. Anyone in? Anyway...three days of the 2007 MLB Winter Meetings have passed, and it has been reletively quiet on the Brewers front. This is just a quick review on what I've read and some points of view.

-Talks regarding Scott Rolen haulted yesterday. My opinion: Good! He has been very injury prone in the last few years, and I just can't see him paying that kind of money. Plus, I really would like to see Braun stay at third. I think he'll be just fine defensively. He's an athletic dude.

-Brewers reportedly were to meet with free-agent infielder Tadahito Iguchi today. My opinion: Why sign a guy, and move Braun ,when Gabe Gross, Kevin Mench, Joe Dillon, or a combination of the three will put up as good of numbers as a player like Iguchi? I hope this doesn't happen!

-The deal for reliever David Riske was finished today. 3 years for as much as $20 million. My opinion: Nice! The more solid relievers the better. He could compete with Turnbow or take over for Turnbow if he implodes again.

-Turnbow is likely to be the closer. It seems Melvin and Yost are convinced Derrick will be the closer next season. My opinion: We fans better get used to the idea and give him a clean slate. If he can keep his walks down, he'll be fine. That is; however, a big IF.

That's all I've got for now. Check out the new threads on the gear page! Oh, and does anyone else want to hear from this Johnny Rivers guy??

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