Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slap on a Roof and Call it "The Fukudome"

Well it looks as if our hated Cubs have won the Kousuke Fukudome sweepstakes. According to a source at WGN Radio, Chicago was able to lock up the seasoned nine-year Japanese baller for a "hair over $50 million." The team's site tabs the deal a staunch 4-year $48 million. Either way, this seems to solidify the Cubs' outfield, minus a slot to be filled by either Pie, Pagan, Murton, overpriced name (Rowand, L. Gonzo).

Regardless, this is still a Brewer blog... so I bring us to how this is to affect the brew crew. I believe this, paired with the Mench DFA (waiver in... 24 hours) and the still jam-packed starting rotation just begging for some breathing room will all contribute to a Milwaukee management push for a new player. But who?

It might be some flash in the pan Cuban whose name happened to be mentioned in the same breath as Milwaukee, but as Jared pointed out... there are so many question marks there. My vote during this constantly changing forecast of transaction rests in leaving Braun at 3B and bringing in a Major League-proven outfielder via trade. I have an inkling (unproven hope) that DeJesus will rise in Milwaukee to be seated at the Right Field of the Miller. More accurately center, but that doesn't work with my lame Bible pun. I know, I know... terrible! :)

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