Saturday, December 1, 2007

Riske Business?... Not So Sure

So, if you haven't heard, the Crew is close to a, reported, three year deal with free agent reliever David Riske. I couldn't help but notice the headline at that reads "Riske business: Brewers finalizing deal." To me, that is saying that signing David Riske is, well, risky. I don't see how so. I'm fairly pumped about this deal. Riske will add a lot to our bullpen. Let's just look at the numbers really quick. Riske had his best year last season with the Royals where he put up an outstanding 2.40 ERA. Now, Jared did make a good point. Riske stranded a ridiculous 90% of his runners last year. Can he keep that up? I sure hope so, and I don't see why not. Riske also has a very solid career ERA of 3.40 over eight seasons. I understand there are more to numbers than just ERA, but I think most will agree that is the safest of stats to jude a pitcher off of, even a reliever. Riske has mainly served as a set-up guy, and likely will be in that position as a Brewer; however, I'm sure he will at least get the chance to compete with Turnbow. Maybe, at the least, that is what Turnbow needs. We'll see. For now, risky, I don't think so. Let's get this done!

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