Monday, December 17, 2007

The Return of J.C.?

No, not that J.C....

Jeff Cirillo.

The former Brewer who seems to make everyone's list of top three all-time players to sport the Brew Crew colors reportedly wants back in Milwaukee:
“I still feel like there is some magic when I put on that Milwaukee uniform,” Cirillo told me. “Last season I was up in Minnesota and I kept wondering, ‘what am I doing here?’ I missed Milwaukee. We went down to Milwaukee last season for an inter-league game and I hit a homerun. I love Miller Park and I’d like to be a Brewer again. It’s a great community, and my family and I enjoy getting involved there. But who knows?”
There's a little more on it here: Brewers: Bring Back Cirillo!

My heart says, "Of course, bring him back!" But I'm not sure he'd have a role on this team. One way it might work is if the Brewers bring in a left-handed third baseman that can't hit left-handed pitchers, someone like Hank Blalock of the Rangers, who the Brewers are reportedly interested in. Cirillo would be a nice right-handed platoon mate to pair with Blalock.

Someone else would get knocked out of the opening day roster though, unless the Brewers traded two guys off the 25-man roster. If Melvin felt comfortable with Dillon and Gross as the backup outfielders, Gwynn could start the year in Nashville again.

It's a tough call, but I'd love to see Cirillo in a Brewer uniform again and I'm sure he'd come cheap. It's hard to pass up on a gritty veteran who is beloved in the community and would bring leadership to a young team.

What do you think?


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