Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Less Pitcher Than They Expected

There is already one area where Eric Gagne has not measured up for Milwaukee ... and it's a good thing.

Tom Haudricourt noted in his article yesterday (Gagne called on to relieve losses in bullpen) that Gagne has lost weight and looks to be in better shape than he has in years:
Melvin felt more encouraged when Gagne showed up for his physical exam Monday looking trimmer than ever. Finally over the back issues that plagued him in past years, Gagne has resumed his running program, allowing him to shed unwanted weight.

The Brewers' medical staff put Gagne through a rigorous physical examination, the final step in making the deal official.

"He passed with flying colors," said Melvin, who later introduced Gagne at a Miller Park news conference.

And this blurb from Haudricourt's blog:
Gagne looked fantastic. Not even close to his listed 240 pounds. His agent, Scott Boras, told me that Gagne has been able to resume his running program since getting past his back problems of 2005 and has really trimmed down. The Brewers said he passed his physical exam "with flying colors."

The difference is clear. Compare Gagne in the above photo to the one below of him in Boston only a few months ago.
While it may seem like a small detail, that's a nice little development that some might have missed yesterday.


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