Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hook, line and stinker/Yay or nay for Gagne?

Yesterday's deal that brought journeyman reliever Salomon Torres to Brew City may perhaps be known as the one that got away (I swear that's my last fish joke). According to, Torres, who will be 36 at the beginning of the '08 season, is contemplating retirement.

Not that I was ever ga ga over this acquisition, but such a decision may result in the Brewers surrendering moderately-touted pitching prospects Salas and Roberts to Pittsburgh for essentially nothing in return. Obviously, such an unforeseeable turn of events does not sit well with me, but then again (and this is a silver-lining stretch)... lost prospects aside, it might not be so bad to get rid of one of our 3.2MM earning elder relievers in our already crowded bullpen (I'd prefer Mota, but what the hell).

In essence, someone dropped the ball on this deal to enable the situation to even be this uncertain - but, in Doug I trust. In the same breath of this unfavorable news exists a possibility of landing Eric Gagne short-term at a fairly decent price. Both and the Brewers' official site allude to the parties being close to reaching an agreement.

Assuming the price is right (1 year, 6 MM plus performance incentives), I would welcome this move. It would shake things up and make Turnbow as well as some fringe starters like Vargas, Bush and Capuano that much more expendable for a deal that could bring a position player to Miller Park.

Yes, Gagne has insulted Milwaukee when he was re-writing the record books and the Crew was dropping over 100 games in a season, but both his career and the reputation the Brewers have shifted to a point where a signing of this magnitude would not be too far-fetched to fathom. And I for one hope it does.

In closing, Salomon Torres, if you're reading this. 1. It was awesome when you broke Charlie Hayes' jaw in the early '90s and 2. Come play in Milwaukee. Wouldn't it be great to end your career a winner?

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