Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gagne With a Spoon

...or more fittingly, a needle. This claim and others regarding use of performance enhancing substances reached the public today via The Mitchell Report. I have glanced at about half of this document so far, selfishly searching for the names of current and former Brewers.

Obviously, Gagne is the highest profile player mentioned with ties to Milwaukee, and the only current Brewer mentioned besides the already-known steroid foibles of Turnbow. For those who wish to get the quick hits or save their eyes two hours of strain, I'll supply any and all names of current and former Brewers that were mentioned. Note, all claims are unproven... and much of this report is hinging on speculation and verbal accounts.

In no particular order: Eric Gagne, Derrick Turnbow, Ricky Bones, David Bell, Gary Bennett Jr., Gary Shefield, Fernando Vina, Steve Woodard and Ron Villone.

I'm was glad to see that none, with the exception of possibly Woodard, of the (very loose) accounts linked the times the players were said to have purchased these drugs to when they played for Milwaukee. Not to say it didn't happen there. I'm pretty sure Bennett wasn't on 'roids while he hit... nothing... as a Brewer. I was surprised to not see Greg Vaughn's name in print due to his brother Mo being mentioned, and his unlikely career power numbers.

As far as Gagne, the mention doesn't exactly surprise me, but I maintain my respect for him as a player. In all, these names are far from tarnished in my eyes, many - if not all - may have indulged in these drugs, but the document, as any document that cites Larry Bigbie as one of its primary sources, is far from concrete.

I don't have much else to say about this whole issue, and being no authority on the game, but instead a fan, this entire process is disappointing. This whole HGH/Steroid issue is long from over, but hopefully days like today go far in reshaping the reputation of the game and a league that I and so many others hold dear.

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