Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Few NL Central Blunders

- The Astros traded five young prospects for Miguel Tejada today

Maybe it's just me, but I look at the Astros and I think they need a lot of pitching, not two years of an overpaid shortstop with declining skills. And they unloaded three pitching prospects in the deal along with a talented, young major league outfielder (Luke Scott) and a third base prospect. Not only that, but they have non-tendered shortstop Adam Everett, one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball. I can't believe they couldn't get anything for Everett, despite his low offensive output (maybe a mid-level pitching prospect?). Roy Oswalt is a #1 pitcher, but 40-something Woody Williams (5.27 ERA in 2007), Wandy Rodriguez (4.58 ERA), Brandon Backe (3.77 ERA in five starts coming off Tommy John surgery) and an undetermined fifth player will fill out a really questionable starting five with little to no depth behind it.

- The Reds sign Francisco Cordero to huge four-year contract

Cordero was going to get a huge contract from someone and it's possible he could be worth it, at least for a couple years of the deal. But it's a risk. A huge risk. A risk a contending team with money to burn and a hole in the bullpen should take. Not a team like the Cincinnati Reds, who don't have a legitimate shot of competing this year and are likely to lose their two biggest offensive weapons by next offseason (Dunn and Griffey Jr.). Not only that, but the player that could be their third best offensive talent, Josh Hamilton, another outfielder, continues to come up in trade rumors. What are they thinking?

- The Pirates

They really haven't done anything too crazy this offseason. They're just the Pirates and it's funny to be able to laugh at a cellar dweller in the Brewers division that isn't the Brewers... Sorry Pitt fans...


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