Thursday, December 13, 2007

"EHch-G-EHch", Eh?

Well, it is thursday. And as expected, the George Mitchell report was released to the commonwealth. Finally. Like most, I've patiently been waiting for G-day to come, licking my chops the whole time - hoping that some of my suspicions of players would ring true, casting the media's gavel towards and thru their heinous brains. Literally.
However, this great day did not have the warm, squishy feeling I had expected for so long. Though I loved seeing "The Crocket" thrown into the fire, finally, the presence of another player pretty much ruined it for me.

Of course, I am referring to Eric Gagne.
One day ago, I was jacked about Gagne being a Brewer, abandoning my past perceptions about him and his attitude. Wiping his slate clean in my mind, and preparing for what I hoped to be his best season since the Cy Young winner.

But, Naaaaaaaaaaaay.

Like usual, my proven facts hold true, and my heart is broken.
For those who don't know the proven fact of which I speak, it is:

"There is no such thing as a Canadian athlete."

For a long time, Gagne has been eluding my stereotype tornado, and for just as long - I have failed to explain his freak existence.

Why, for once, couldn't I have been wrong?
George Mitchell opened the blinds, and the sun of truth has burned all Milwaukee Brewer fans up a nice batch of Closer Melanoma. I will still route for Gagne to do well, while he plays in the Brew Crew Unis, but this will be a big pill to swallow.

I guess, we wait and hope he doesn't get suspended, and that he will be mentally tough enough to pitch through the inevitable (and deserved) boos and heckling his ship is surely sailing for.

I won't hog this whole subject, because I am sure the bloggers will want to talk more about it.

Until next year,
--The Rivdog.

Joe, with all of this news out now, I figured it would be a good time to let you in on RFB's little secret from you. Seeing what performance enhancers did for Gary Bennett, we pretty much made the assumption that Pre-Steriod Gary Bennett was your athletic equal. So we pooled our bar money together and bought you a 24 month cycle of anabolic steriods, a boost if you will. May this be the catalyst for your Superstar backup catcher career on cellar NL teams we all know you were born for.

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