Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brewers News - Sep 19

— Not cramping their style (Journal-Sentinel)
Ben Sheets left after only one inning of work last night. It appears to have been cramping, and Ben will be evaluated today.

Estrada lifts Crew; Sheets injured (
After Sheets left the game, Claudio Vargas and other relievers completely shut down the Astros and the Brewers won 9-1. Johnny Estrada led the offense with his second grand slam of the season.

Brewers-Astros Box Score (

— Game report: Tuesday at a glance (Journal-Sentinel)

Sheets leaves with hamstring injury (

— Melvin makes first pitch to Cordero (Journal-Sentinel)

Notes: Players watching scoreboard (

Fielder a finalist for Aaron Award (

— Big city Cubs pull off ruse of underdog (Journal-Sentinel)
...the $200million underdog...sure

— Brewers will break attendance record (Journal-Sentinel)

— Brewers roll back into tie for first but lose Sheets to injury (

— Brewers report: Inside pitch (

— Brewers report: Notes, quotes (

— Brewers game photos (Yahoo!)

Cubs ticked (
The Cubs are crying because the Brewers won't face Roy Oswalt or Woody Williams in the Astros series.

Astros give Cubs rotation explanation (Chicago Sun-Times)

Brewers: Win, tie, loss (Wisconsin State Journal)

Fielder in rare air (Wisconsin State Journal)



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